_Brastemp _Retro


More than color, Brastemp.

Brastemp is the biggest home appliances brand in the country. Its tradition goes back to the 50's, when the company was born. Brastemp's Retro minibars are a celebration of the design of that time. In 2016, the line gained new colors and our goal was to create an exciting campaign for this launch. The film shows the products in detail while the jazz soundtrack changes the beat to highlight the different sensations each color provokes.

Copy _More than new colours, new sensations. More than colour, Brastemp.


This little eskimo used to be Brastemp's main symbol in the 50's. It was very famous and cherished by the public back then, but disappeared over time. Since the minibars have the Retro theme as their main feature, we brought back the old mascot to introduce the new products. The eskimo signs off the film and also appears in promotional keychains included as gifts with every minibar purchase.