cenoura & bronze _summer 2018


minidocs _place in the sun

Sunscreen brands have always portrayed women based on stereotypes: the mother that only cares about protecting her children or the beauty model with the perfect body looking for a man's approval of her tan. We and Cenoura & Bronze wanted to approach women in a forthcoming and significant way.

We launched a digital campaign telling the stories of three multidimensional women whose life changes were related to the sun. Julieta reconnected with her hometown by the beach and decided to embrace her art. Isabela uses her time running in the sun to make big decisions in her life. The last one was dropping a promising job that didn't make her happy to follow her dream career. Alexandra discovered in the sport outdoors the motivation to overcome postnatal depression, she became a rowing champion and a role model for her daughter.


mobile version

A special cut was edited to show the three stories on a vertical format.


Key Visual