Monange _Follow your heart


Encouraging women to trust themselves

Monange is a well-known beauty brand in Brazil. The brand's history goes back to 1966, and for decades its communication has portrayed celebrities sensually applying moisturizer. The selling point was how women would obtain a seductively smooth skin. Therefore, the brand was perceived as outdated by it's public.

In 2018, we worked together with the client to address women in an entirely different way. We created a new tagline "Follow your heart” and a campaign that carried a message beyond skincare benefits. The film showed diverse women having second thoughts about new challenges in their lives and how they found within themselves the strength to overcome their fears and move forward.

The results couldn't make us prouder, brand perception improved drastically. Monange was elected the skincare brand with most awareness in Brazil by the Top of Mind 2018 award, overtaking brands such as NIVEA and Natura. On top of that, we can't help but smile every time a female comment filled with self-confidence pops-up on Monange's social media.


case study _Brand repositioning


FILM 40” _follow your heart


activation _influencers respond to haters

To reinforce our message, alongside the main film, we promoted a digital activation with famous Brazilian influencers known by their self-confidence. We invited them to read comments posted by haters on their social accounts and respond to them on-screen. They talked about their history of leaving others’ opinions aside and encouraged women to do so.