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Stranger Things 3 _have fun like you're in 1985!

Stranger Things is one the most acclamed Netflix series worldwide. To celebrate the launch of its Season 3 in Brazil, we took the audience timetraveling back to 1985, making them remember how July vacations felt like. We transformed Paulista Avenue–the most important street of São Paulo–in an open-air arcade, converting OOH billboards into real fliperama machines. The games featured were inspired by those famous in 1985, but totally dedicated to the Stranger Things theme.


OOH fliperama _Stranger Attack

The player controls Mike riding his bike from side to side in Hawkin's woods. The goal is to get as many Scoop Ahoy's ice creams as possible to gain points, and avoid the demogorgons falling from the sky. The player has three lifes represented as spare bikes on the bottom left of the screen.


OOH fliperama _Maze Eleven

Eleven's avatar walks throughs an Upside World maze. The player's goal is to gain points and eat all the waffles while running from the Demogorgons that come out from the dimensional portal.


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social media video

To spread the news about the Strangerama, we created this animation video showing our game characters arriving at Paulista Avenue. The video was launched on all Netflix social media accounts. As well as illustrating in 8-bit for the games–which combined my love for illustration and some good childhood memories–I had a blast drawing the main São Paulo sightseeing points in pixel art.

Pixel Art Illustration _Camila Rodrigues