nivea _viva elis


The tribute that moved Brazil.

Perceived locally as cold and distant, the NIVEA brand in Brazil faced the challenge of bonding with the public. To achieve this goal, we promoted a very special and emotional project: a tribute to Elis Regina, one of the country's greatest singers ever. Thirty years after Elis' death, her daughter Maria Rita—now a famous singer in her own right—would take the stage to perform her mother's songs for the first time in her career.

That's how NIVEA Viva Elis came to be, presenting free concerts throughout the country, an exhibition, and a biography about Elis donated to public libraries. The project touched thousands of people and became the most important Brazilian cultural event of 2012. Repercussion was so positive that NIVEA Viva became part of the brand's platform and entered the national calendar. To this day, it goes on promoting a different musical experience every year.



Case study


The TVC was the first time the public heard Maria Rita singing one of her mother's songs.

Copy _Emotion you can feel on your skin.


The concerts and exhibitions travelled to five of the major cities in Brazil, impacting over 300,000 people.

As word  got out, the press picked up on the story generating spontaneous media in every major TV station, web portal and newspaper in the country.


NIVEA Viva Elis changed NIVEA's relationship with Brazilians.

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Now an integral part of NIVEA's strategy in Brazil, NIVEA Viva is currently on its 6th edition, paying a new musical homage each year.