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digital campaign _mom without a handbook

Research shows that 81% of pregnant women don’t feel represented in ads targeting them; and when it comes to moms, numbers go up to 85%. After all, ads keep portraying motherhood as this idyllic moment, a path chosen by all the competitor diaper brands.

Pompom was the one to admit being a mom is not easy. Many mishaps will pop up along the way, so why not laugh at them? In the web series "Mom without a handbook" the comedian Miá Mello stage funny situations that happen in every mom's life. From the absolute lack of sleep to developing the ability to grab stuff with your feet.

Along with the videos, we launched the APP "Momes Generator" where moms can use their baby's photos to create funny memes and share with family and friends.



Miá Mello shows all the mishaps of a diaper change, but she reassures the new moms: each poop makes them better!


EPISODE 2  _incredible feet

Miá talks about how being a mom helped her develop a new ability: grabbing everything with her feet.


EPISODE 3  _easy makeup

Alice Salazar, a beauty influencer, was invited by Miá to teach new moms a quick makeup. The thing is, for Miá this was the perfect brake for a nap.



In the campaign's hotsite, moms could create their own memes using their baby's photos.

Copy _Don't get me started with that "it's time for bed" talk.