POrto Seguro _app gentle traffic


campaign _launch of the app

Porto Seguro is an insurance company well-know for it's efforts to improve the life of it's clients and the community they live in. Following it's mission, the brand launched the APP Gentle Traffic. The APP tracks the drivers movements along their way (measuring speed, curves and braking) and keeps score to reward them with special prizes and discounts for their gentle manners in traffic.

To reinforce the message we invited Gustavo Kuerten, the renowned tennis player, to play a part in the film as he is famous for his charisma and kindness. Many internet memes compare Gustavo to a labrador puppy, known to be a happy and gentle dog.


Tvc 30" _the dearest driver


guga's 3D character

For the final packshot, we created an animation where the Guga character imitates the athlete's signature celebration: he used to draw a heart on the tennis court. In the film, the heart drawn is the APP Gentle Traffic's logo.


Social media boomerangs