SKY _home is paradise

SKY is the biggest pay TV operator in Brazil. During 2015, the country was going through a tough economic crisis that raised people’s concerns about their expenses. As everyone cut back on restaurants, cinemas or other types of entertainment, our campaign aimed to remind people that great fun and quality family time were right there, inside their homes.

The TVCs show Gisele Bündchen, the brand's spokesperson, in the role of a mother bringing her kids and husband together to watch SKY. To make it possible for the camera to follow the family moving around, the set was specially conceived as an open model house. The song is based on a popular Brazilian track, but the original chorus "lost my love in paradise" and lyrics were rewritten to talk about how being home can feel like paradise.


TVC 30" _I'm home

As Gisele's character arrives from work, the family runs to the living room. After a busy day, there's nothing more relaxing than locking the world outside, putting on pajamas and just watching SKY.


TVC 15" _Great, pizza!

In Brazil, Sunday is the official day for enjoying some pizza with a movie. Pepperoni, Marghaerita, or any other topping, SKY has the movie that goes with it.


TVC 15" _children

As the kids’ friends keep arriving, the house becomes filled with games and laughter. To complete the fun, SKY provides some great kid content on TV.